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Pinnacle UK have created a bespoke template for online shops. It’s totally FREE* to set up, we do all the work and you can earn commission on all orders, so over time, you will build up credit which you can then spend with us on any items you may require.

Online shops take the headache away from you. No need to compile a list member’s requirements, no capital outlay and no need to hold stock. Your members, supporters and their friends and family just visit your personalized online shop, choose the items they require and we deliver them directly to the end user… we take care of everything!

Benefits include:

A wide range of customized products in all sizes.

The option to personalize products with sponsor logo’s, initials, names, and numbers.

Control over the products that carry your logo or crest.

No capital outlay on ordering stock.

No need to manage orders or cash.

Goods delivered direct to the end user.

Commission earned on all sales which you then use as credit.

Items can be added/removed at the touch of a button, just let us know.

Simply share the club shop link we provide you to your Club website and/or social media.

We can set the shop up any way you require. We completely take away the hassle, concerns, and costs involved with offering customized clothing. This allows you to promote your club and it’s products to a wider audience.

Click HERE to see a demonstration of how the system can change the way you order.

Company Shop

Pinnacle UK have designed a new internal ordering system called Pinnacle UK Direct.

Pinnacle UK Direct is your company’s one-stop online shop for all of your workwear requirements.

Take control of your purchases with your own company ordering portal.

See how your logos and text designs appear on our wide range of workwear.

Submit purchase order numbers online and invoices will be delivered with your items.

Take advantage of our 30 day payment terms.

FREE* set-up.

All online ordering portals can be password protected so only your staff members can have access to order items if you require.

Click HERE to see a demonstration of how the system can change the way you order.

*Terms and conditions apply. See here for details.

Please contact the sales office at Pinnacle UK on 01903 215872 or email us at should you wish to discuss any of the above.

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